Claim Your Voice,
Claim Your Life


Choose from 1, 3, and 6-month programs where we partner up to consciously create a future for your life that leaves you feeling exhilarated, proud, and deeply fulfilled


Engage in workshops and presentations around building your self-confidence, communicating effectively, designing game-changing habits, and being the best you


Take the Energy Leadership Index, a powerful assessment tool, to fully realize what’s been holding you back and offers insight to take your life to a whole new level

As Your Coach...

I will help you claim your life so that your day-to-day is aligned with your highest values and fulfills your greatest potential.

Together, we will…

  • Develop a lasting partnership
  • Dive deep into every aspect of your life to uncover your core values
  • Create a compelling vision for your future, one that excites every fiber of your being
  • Treat each coaching interaction as an honest sacred space, completely confidential in nature
  • Harness the energy and focus for you to resourcefully grow
  • Take what’s inside of you and translate it into outer goals
  • Design a step-by-step plan based on your agenda
  • Focus on unique solutions and doing what you really want to do


“Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can”  

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

It has been 9 months since my first session and I still look forward to our meetings. To learn from someone who studies life and how to maximize our experience has value that cannot be expressed in words.
Grant Kakehashi
Gavin made the extra effort to study every detail about my life to formulate a plan of attack. This made each coaching plan feel very personal and specific. He taught me essential skills to lead a more productive life.
Omar Rodriguez
Behavior Specialist
With an open mind and open heart, working with Gavin can change your world. I have become more productive, better disciplined, and more happy in general since our time together. He has accelerated my progress through life and goals exponentially.
Justin Scott
Gavin radiates great energy and has a tremendous ability to inspire others to bring out their best self. He genuinely connects with his clients and gives great guidance on how his clients can reach their goals with energy and joy.
Sturle Strauss
Business and Career Coach
I’ve gained extremely valuable personal and professional clarity through working with him. He brings a unique, infectious energy to our coaching sessions. He undoubtedly made me a better me, helping improve critical relationships with my parents, brother, and at work.
Connor Rankin
Business Analyst

About me

Growing up, I was the quiet Asian boy who always found myself stuck inside my box, too afraid to speak up, and express myself. I was ashamed of my shyness, but now I realize it is a gift. My shyness has made me into the self-aware, empathetic, and passionate man I am today. It also ignited my interest in human behavior, leading me to study Psychology at the University of California, Irvine and become a Certified Professional Coach. My mission is to empower others to overcome their shyness and express themselves fully and unapologetically.

I believe that your voice matters and is a gift to the world.

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