Flowmasters is a creative collaboration where personal development meets freestyle rapping. It is a safe and sacred space where you express your ‘rawthentic’ truth, your deepest desires, fears, aspirations through voice and music...and from that space, you experience flow state, which is defined as an “optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best.”

Why Does It Matter?

Something magical happens when music is mixed with the power of extemporaneous creation through our voice.


Music evokes a myriad of emotions that affect the frequency of our words.


From this space, healing takes place (a therapeutic vehicle of self-expression) because when we are in flow, the truth comes out - some truths that have been shoved under the carpet out of fear.


It also deeply connects one human to another because it displays how one works through fear, it involves a deep sense of trust in yourself to express yourself right then and there, and unlocks new realms of creativity and inspiration.


It also allows one to experience that their own story is brilliant, unique, relatable, and enough.

What Are People Saying?

"Flowmasters is a modern day spiritual circle"

“[Flowmasters is] a space that stroked my presence and power and a dimension of me that I could neglect or sell out.”

“You have no idea the amount of gratitude I have for the event tonight. It got me out of my head and back into alignment with divine soul purpose on a whole nother level. Flowmasters is the truth.”

“I’ve never written a song before, nor had I ever really cared to. The morning after Flowmasters, I had this burst of inspiration where words were coming from inside of me. I had to run to my bag to get my pen and journal. I ended up channeling 8 pages of lyrics for a song about law enforcement and justice. Flowmasters is pure connection.”

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